Mark & Ang

April 15, 2013

 “Where I end and you begin
I wanna find that line and cross it back and forth
Until it’s erased by our footsteps”

– Phish

I met Ang 7 years ago – thanks to a certain Ben Spaniol – and we have been twin friends ever since. There aren’t many college memories at 1831 E. 2nd that don’t involve a visit from “cousin Ang” and her awesome laughter. 
Fast forward a few years and I found myself visiting a pretty upset Ang in St. Cloud, trying to figure out where life was leading her. Figuring sunshine on the lake makes everything better, Ben invited her out to the Span house for the day. Enter Mark. This handsome fella who hit it off with my twin right away. I can’t say for sure what was said on that pontoon (I apparently was snoozin on the couch all afternoon) but those two spent hours talking out on that lake. They had found each other and all was right.
This past weekend Mark & Ang came up to Duluth to hang out, take fun photos, and apparently make my stomach hurt from laughing. We started out at Great Harvest (of course), had the most filling lunch ever at Tycoons (stopping in the Rathskeller for some photos) and ended at the Portland Malt Shop (one of Mark’s favorite Duluth spots). Apparently eating until we couldn’t eat any more was a theme for us. After a few empty wine bottles and a lot of laughter later it was already sunday and I was hugging my beautiful gal pal & her fiancé goodbye. Drew and I had an amazing time with these two and could not be more excited for their wedding day this fall.  To see them so happy together makes my heart full, and I am so thankful they found their perfect match in each other. 
All my love to the both of you, xoxo – janecane


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