Nolan Henry 5.6.13 7 lbs 10 oz / 20 inches   On Monday May 6th, 2013 at 10:20am Nolan Henry was brought into the world . Apparently this lil guy wanted everything on his terms – making us wait 5 days to meet him and sharing a birthday with his Aunt Kimberly. Big Sister Elise […]


May 17, 2013

Nolan [6 days New]

 “We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we Pooh?’ asked Piglet. Even longer’ Pooh answered.” 2.25.13 6 lbs 7 oz & 6 lbs 14oz   Meet Brynn & Alec – born on February 25th, 2013. Brynn is the big sister, born just one minute before Alec at 1:55pm. They are already best friends, able to snuggle up […]


March 10, 2013

Brynn & Alec [2 week old Twins]

“We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet. Even longer,’ Pooh answered.” Meet cousins, Jonah (4 months) & Cameron (5 weeks). Both the youngest in families with lots of older siblings. I have known Jonah’s family for a long time & Cameron’s momma is sisters with Jonah’s, so our session had lots of on-lookers […]

Families, Newborn

January 12, 2013

Cousins [J & C]

“Twice as much to love, two blessings from above” Baby Boy & Baby Girl Orman 10.26.12 2 lbs 12 oz & 3 lbs 10 oz     Meet Elliot & Julia – born on October 26, 2012. Because they decided to surprise mom & dad early, these two lil peanuts had to spend 6 weeks in […]


December 20, 2012

Elliot & Julia [3 month old Twins]