Mowgli / An adoption story

February 10, 2017

Last Fall, my gal pal Bailey called to tell me that she and her husband Hutch had decided to start fostering dogs through Animal Allies. It didn’t surprise me really – they both have hearts of gold, a love of everything regarding pups, pup drool + puppy snuggles and had just moved to the country, so they had endless space to run and play for those four-legged friends. What was a surprise was their first placement: a momma and her eight (yes, EIGHT) puppies. They were 3 days old, could fit in the palm of our hands and were the sweetest things ever.

But it wasn’t all cute, cuddly awesomeness – Bailey was great about being transparent and so honest in their journey with the puppies. They had their fair share of tough days and as time went on it only became more challenging. But I am so in awe of both their stubbornness to not give up and their insane ability to give fully, never expecting anything in return. Fostering pups is no small task, but fostering a whole liter for over 50 days – that is borderline sainthood.

When their time with the puppies came to an abrupt end, it was no shock that Bailey + Hutch (and big brother Summit!) had decided to adopt sweet Mowgli from the crew. He is so snuggly and loves hanging with Summit, who has been so patient and kind to the new kid on the block. // And if you want to hear all the goodness about Mowgli’s journey – hop on over to Bailey’s blog and read the details!

So now I think I can successfully put “puppy newborn session” on my resume. Because really, what is better than puppy snuggles and big bro Summit’s sloppy kisses? (And high five to Bailey + Hutch for putting up with my baby voice and ridiculous antics to get Mowgli to look at me) This family is one of my very favs and it is such a joy to watch this new season in their life unfold!


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