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June 2, 2014

Six months ago today, I opened the doors to the JaneCane Photography Studio. Today is a little celebration for me, as Duluth winters are hard to endure for small businesses. I have too often, seen great shops open around me and not be able to stay. We are a tourist town trying to re-establish our beautiful downtown. So to me, being open 6 months is a pretty big deal.

It only seems fitting then, that I finally share some photos from this little corner of mine on Lake + Superior. It is small, sometimes messy, houses the occasional impromptu dance party, but always is welcoming and full of laughter. Many ask me why I have a studio, if I am a lifestyle photographer. I moved into the space, quite frankly, to separate work life from home life. For me, just closing the office door wasn’t enough. I needed to physically separate the two. This studio space is used primarily for client meetings, late night editing and the occasional indoor session.

I have filled it with my favorite things, creating a space of inspiration and gratefulness. Among the shelves are bits of family photos, accents of gold, little antique store finds and reminders of how far I have come. My cork board holds thank you notes, photo booth memories and artwork from my favorite family of 7,  the Thorsons. In my office hangs a photo of Grandma Cane framed on the wall. Every day I am reminded of her wonderful legacy to work hard, be kind and love fiercely. She left this world before ever seeing JaneCane Photography come into being. I never got the chance to show her my dreams and big plans. Plans I never dreamed would come true. Having her photo in the office with me helps reminds me how close Heaven is and how strong love after death can be. I feel her strength in the hard days and her warmth on the good ones.

Those that know me well, know that I am an “appearance organizer”. I tend to make things look good that are viewable, and neglect my own personal areas. This means that my desk and office are never perfect. You will find scribbles of notes + to do lists on various post its, my own version of organized chaos. Life is messy and sometimes living gets in the way of cleaning. Sometimes, knowing what pile that paper is in, is enough.

As I celebrate 6 months in this space, I have so many people to thank. It was not an easy move, nor one without physical labor and support. To my parents, who didn’t blink an eye when I told them I was leaving a high paying health care job to start my own business and risk it all – thank you. Your love + support means the world. To Andrew, who never questions my wildly insane ideas and encourages me to try new scary things every day, thank you. You are my rock. To the Duluth community, who has opened their arms and welcomed me in, day after day, thank you. It is so amazing that this hilldside gal is able to own a little business on the corner of Lake Avenue. You are making my crazy dreams come true. To all my friends and family, who put up with my silly busy schedule and weird mood swings during wedding season – thank you. I could not be doing this without all of you cheering me on.

Here’s to another 6 months in this amazing space + many more smiles to be captured!

Thank You for your ongoing support, both near and far.
It is so appreciated.
With gratefulness, xo
Amanda J. Cane

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