January Cabin Escape / Herbster, WI

January 12, 2014

This past weekend we were invited out to our friend Hannah’s family cabin on the South Shore of Lake Superior to celebrate, laugh and enjoy time in the woods with great people. Mission accomplished.

The hike to the cabin seemed to take forever – I’ll admit I may have uttered a complaint or two as I hauled our gear through the dark woods Friday night, sinking into the snow with each step I took – but after a good 25 minutes we could see lights shining through the dark, and the most picture-perfect cabin sat in front of us.

I had promised Drew I would turn off my phone and leave my computer behind, but I could not resist taking my camera along – and goodness am I glad I did! We awoke Saturday morning (after a long night of drinking, laughing and snoring orchestras) and I headed outside to capture the awesomeness of nature surrounding us.

After a full day of breakfast burritos, dice games, sauna gossip and hiking, Drew & I set back for home. We had the pleasure of driving back along the South Shore of Lake Superior at sunset and took time to stop along the shoreline to soak it all in.

I am so very grateful for fantastic friends, Midwest winter escapes and technology-free weekends.

A HUGE thank you to Hannah for having us & being an a kick-butt host and Josie for having a birthday and giving us an excuse to party : )


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