Tom & Megan

December 17, 2012

Sometimes sessions just don’t go as planned. Case in point: Tom & Megan’s engagement shoot. We had talked about doing a beautiful winter outdoor shoot up the north shore at some of their favorite spots – it sounded perfect. Then I woke up last saturday morning, the day of their session, to rain. In December. And not just drizzle, but down pouring rain. Maybe if they lived in Duluth we could have rescheduled, but they had driven up from the Twin Cities and they wanted to go ahead and do it. [ps: I love that my clients are so brave and freaking awesome] So it was time for plan B, which of course none of us had thought of. Brainstorming set in and we found ourselves at the Depot Train Museum. I think it is pretty great that we ended up there, as Tom is from Duluth and apparently both of us had a little love for this museum in our childhood (and judging by both of our giddiness, maybe even now too). There was a lot of laughter & smiles as we continued to drive around town trying to find dry spots for pictures. We ended up at Tycoon’s Alehouse – pretty fitting since they will be having their groom’s dinner there. Seriously the most flexible and understanding couple ever, I CANNOT WAIT to capture their amazing day next summer! I wish them both positive planning ju-ju in the upcoming months – xoxo AJC

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